Encompass Architects worked with the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) to provide programming and complete design of their new Juvenile Detention Facility in Parker, Arizona.  Encompass worked with the community to develop a local facility that provides for positive rehabilitation of the youth within the community.  The facility is designed to support higher security offenders and is the first of the Tribes' long term vision of a campus which would include juveniles with lower security and day-treatment needs.

The facility is approximately 16,000 square feet and includes housing for 10 males, 8 females and 2 flex M/F special housing units.  The male and female general housing units are designed for double occupancy, increasing the occupancy to 38.  The housing is designed for direct monitoring with a central control station.  The housing units are arranged on a radial pattern to maximize supervision from central control and the direct supervision stations.  We used real-time Revit renderings to show the client the exact lines of vision from the control station.  

The facility also includes a male and female classroom and a small group counseling area.  The male classroom doubles as the visitation room during the weekends.  Intake includes provisions for assessment/evaluation, medical, suicide and medical observation and also provides holdover provisions for juvenile transfer to other facilities.  The facility includes food service, administration and other necessary support functions for facility and building operations.  The facility is located on a site of approximately 2.25 acres.